When I was in Junior High School, I learned to work with leather in shop class. I loved its smell and supple strength. I learned to carve the leather, and later set up my own bench in my folk’s basement. I still have a 70’s style handbag that I made for my mom and I still use a sheridan-style carved checkbook cover!

Mom's 70's style handbag...

Mom's 70's style handbag...

Forty years later, I’m in my own basement shop designing and producing beautiful belts, wallets, and jewelry. My designs focus on revealing the natural beauty of leather as well as the smell and texture that comes from a hand-rubbed wax finish. My products are handcrafted using traditional tools and techniques. 

I am particularly proud to introduce the LeatherManDan Belt, which is 100% US-sourced, including the buckle, which is manufactured right here in Massachusetts! As a veteran, it is important to me to support local jobs.

Every day, leather teaches me something new. It keeps my mind fresh and my body moving. 

Dan Jacavanco

aka LeatherManDAN