I learned to work with leather in Junior High School. (Back when there was such a thing as Junior High School!) After ten years in the Air Force and twenty years in corporate america, I retired and settled into the leather craft business. 

I am largely self-taught relying on old books, and old timers to learn traditional leather craft.

I love the smell, look, and feel of leather and I make sure my products reflect this by using full-grain leather and my own oil & beeswax finish to soften and condition my leather projects. I use natural gum to seal and burnish my edges.

My primary tools are the round knife, the hole punch, the harness needle, and the wood burnisher. I prefer traditional saddle stitching to mechanical fasteners so I hand stitch my belts, wallets, and accessories.

I believe in the US economy so I source as many of my supplies as possible from US manufactures, not just distributors. My leather comes from PA, my thread from ME, my dyes from WI, my wax from MA, my sleigh bells from CT, and my buckles from MA.. Regrettably, some of my buckles are manufactured in China but at a US-owned factory, which is located in MA. Also, some of my leather is tanned in Mexico and distributed out of CA. 
I am actively working to move all leather and hardware sourcing to the US.

If you love leather as much as I do, give my products a try! And if you don't see what you want, send me a note. 

Dan Jacavanco

aka LeatherManDAN

 Leather Man Dan at a recent SOWA event in South Boston.

Leather Man Dan at a recent SOWA event in South Boston.